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This painting came through intuitively and felt very feminine. I think of this feminine energy as fluid and responsive. There is an unfurling taking place, which reflects expansiveness and personal growth. The two circular forms, the light one above and dark one below is the movement into awakening. The dark is the unknown, yet it can be rich with information and teaching, it represents our subconscious knowing that is helping to guide us in this process. The light is the knowing that comes when we reach a place of understanding and clarity that is new and full of spiritual connection. I think we’re always connected to both, which creates a much needed balance. Throughout our life, we experience cycles and stages of growth and sometimes decay, in an ever evolving process of evolution. We dance between and with these two energies expanding our sense of self and adding to the depth of our Soul.

  • Specifications

    Original Oil & Wax on Panel
    28" x 24"
    Custom Framed Size :  38 x 34
    Artist: P. Kirk

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