Seeking Higher Realms

Seeking Higher Realms

Oil & Wax on Panel

28 x 22

Framed - Custom deep blue wood frame


This painting was painted during a time I was involved in a meditation group, so I set out with the idea of meditation. Though I had an initial idea about the story and a few images in mind, the painting was approached with a blend of intuition and conscious decision making. I often use imagery that is symbolic to me, and water is about the subconscious and our emotions, so the waterfall represents the pouring in or downloading of that higher level of consciousness that can be reached in a deep meditation. The mountain goat because of their ability to climb to great heights, represents reaching for those higher levels of consciousness. The swan image sort of just appeared, so I had to look it up to understand its symbolism. I found out that its medicine or teaching, is about bridging the higher realms with the lower realms, so it made sense with the bridging of the superconscious or higher etherial realm with our conscious states of reality. It made mention that it was a totem for mystics which also applied to the content of this painting, and awakens the true power and beauty of the self, so I was rather astonished that it came through on its own but totally made sense. I love when this happens. The images that appear behind the goat in the cave-like area came through on their own as well and felt to me like those inner visions we have as we traverse the inner landscapes of our meditations.