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Meet Patricia Kirk

Art & Spirit Mingle, is me in a nutshell; It’s everything myself and my art are about. . . .

My life is and always has been a living thread weaving together art, nature, creativity, and the divine. My life-long interest in art and as an adult my ever expanding interest in metaphysics, expanded consciousness, spirituality, the mysteries of life, and our deep connection to spirit through our connection with nature, are all areas I love to explore. This current has deeply influenced my life for a very long time and so it has been a major focus of much of my work, either specifically or indirectly.

I am a lover of adventure and discovery, of new places, new ideas and understandings, and especially new levels of awareness. And I love sharing what I have discovered. Having lived in 9 states and exploring a few more, I have hiked and explored many beautiful places, kayaked beautiful waters and taken hundreds of photos to capture these exquisite spots.

I am grateful for all the amazing places that I’ve experienced along the way, feeling the exhilarating  pulse of inspiration and the fullness of my heart while being immersed in such depth and beauty; Those moments of clarity and understanding when I’ve felt so connected to all that is around me, to that which lies in front of me as well as beyond my 5 senses. What is the gift that I might not be aware of?  What is being offered?  How can I communicate what I am experiencing?

Myself, Patricia Kirk and my dog overlooking the Deschutes River.

Along with continuing to pursue and develop my art, in 2001 I began my immersion in the Sacred Healing Arts. This resulted in many years of education and study, and many certifications in various hands-on healing modalities all working with the energetic system, including becoming a Reiki Master. I have also spent many years self-studying the healing properties and use of vibrational or energetic tools such as color, sound, essential oils. I’ve also explored and studied symbolism, working with this visual language in my art as well as working with it as an intuitive tool within the Tarot.  Because of my many years of creative, intuitive, and outdoor exploration, I now have much to offer to anyone on a similar path. My joy is in expressing and sharing all that I have encountered and learned, both on the surface and beyond, to entice, intrigue, inspire, and encourage others.

Besides the various paintings and products that offer esthetic beauty to a room or space, I also offer both one-on-one healing sessions and classes each with powerful processes and transformational tools that are fun and of course creative, that I have either discovered or developed along my path to connect you with, and to help you express the brilliance of your own Creative Spirit. My healing work is deep yet non-invasive, and my goal is to help you tap into the guiding light of your own inner knowing, to nurture your own inspiration, your own curiosity and sense of adventure and discovery. To bring you awareness, healing, transformation and overall joy.  The results of this work speak for themselves: renewed vitality and enthusiasm, increased self-esteem, and a progressively deepening sense of personal value and appreciation for self, humanity, and for the fullness of life itself.

I invite you to explore the wide variety of creative products, services, and opportunities offered here, and I encourage you to connect with me. Together let’s create an environment of beauty, appreciation and nurturing, enhancing  a calm state of mind and a peaceful loving heart.

Thank you for stopping by and checking out my website. I would love to help you on this most important journey. . . . 



With Deep Gratitude,

Patricia Kirk

Some of My Most Favorite Places of Inspiration from My Personal Photo Albums
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