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Classes & Workshops

The classes and events listed below happen on a regular basis and rotate, based on interest and demand. If you are interested in a workshop or class, please contact me for pricing and to find out what’s currently available.


Creative Self-Empowerment Workshop
In this workshop, we explore a variety of tools and techniques in fun and creative ways, encouraging each participant to connect with their own creative spirit in a deep and intuitive way. We work with the “Laws of Attraction,” so our processes are positively focused, creative, and fun, allowing perspectives and perceptions to shift into higher levels of self-appreciation and self-esteem.

Throughout the workshop, we also seek to ground these positive results into specific areas of our lives so that you truly become empowered to tap into your creative spirit on a regular basis, using your creativity to enter into a more natural flow of grace and ease in your life.

Art Classes: Drawing & Painting
These classes vary, depending on the needs of my students. Small group classes or "painting parties" are available, as are individual lessons. In these classes we may "play" with a variety of tools and techniques, customized to your interests and level of experience. Oil paints or water-based media are available.

Contact me for details, and we will discuss what you are looking for, what your level of experience is, and what opportunities are available to you individually or in a group setting.


Getting in Touch with your Inner Artist/Creator Workshop

This workshop utilizes a variety of art materials to allow participants to explore and play in new creative ways. We encourage a non-attachment approach to the outcome, so that each student can express themselves without restrictions or self-judgment. Each process will give you an opportunity to practice pushing limits, getting out of ruts and expanding your comfort zone by trying new things.

We encourage paying attention to your intuition throughout the process, getting acquainted with it, and then following it. This freedom and opportunity to playfully create invites the inner child to come out and explore more freely. There can be a wild sense of adventure and discovery as new and different images emerge on the painting surface. It also allows a very personal piece of art to be created that may have never otherwise been expressed.

Not all pieces turn out (they don’t for any artist) but some turn out magnificently. And no matter what occurs, or how you feel about the piece of art you create and take home, the process itself is incredibly important and valuable. Our level of creative access and its utilization affects every area of our lives. We are all creative beings but so many of us do not realize or utilize our creative powers fully in art or in life.

By strengthening your inner creative spirit you will also strengthen your intuition and connection to Spirit. I have seen first hand how consciously connecting to and working with the inner creative spirit changes lives and allows for the experience of “Grace.” So it is truly my joy to provide the materials and the opportunity for you to experience the power of this in your own life.


Tarot Basics Class

The art and science of Tarot is a joyous and wonderful exploration that can be a short-term interest or easily grow into a life-long passion. This ancient system uses cards as a fun and effective visual and conceptual aid for tapping into your own inner wisdom and intuitive knowing.


Tarot is a fabulous tool for personal guidance and for achieving more clarity. It will help you to recognize and develop your own intuition and higher knowing. Working with the cards also provides an artful and creative arena in which you can safely explore alternative perspectives about a given situation or subject in which you may have previously felt "stuck." The Tarot incorporates many layers of information, symbols, and indirect references, so there is always something new to learn and to explore.

I offer The Basics of Tarot, which gives the student a good kicking off point to go from there. We can really go as far as you wish to go, and it can also be just an ongoing study as the student wishes.


Contact me for specifics so we can discuss what you are looking for, what your level of experience is, and we can go from there. Distance is not an issue.


I also offer Tarot Readings. Click here to learn more.

What People Are Saying....
Puzzle pieces fitting into place...


"Patty - It's been a week of wonders for me.  I had so much fun with you, visiting and learning about what you are amazing with your skills and artistry. My treatment is hard to explain, in that I felt like a puzzle with pieces missing, and after the session, I felt like the pieces were filled in and I was expanded in thought, word and much is coming at me that it's hard to pick which thing to attend, because all of it is fun and wondrous and fulfilling." 

~ M.B. - Redmond, Oregon


Powerfully opening up the creative process in a whole new way...


"Painting with Patty is so much FUN! But it's also so much more than that. Because of her healing work and her experience in using the symbols and archetypes of tarot, she creates truly powerful experiences in her classes and workshops that open up the creative process in a whole new way. Even though I've painted with her many times, I always come away with some totally new piece of insight or inspiration.

My favorite session so far is when I created my Winter's Dream piece. I was feeling so stuck and tired, and I was genuinely hoping to have just a little escape playing with some fun bright colors. But the message I got through the process was "Surrender to being frozen." Yikes! I started my painting with a lot of frustration, but what emerged through the process was a profound sense of peace and guidance. It turned into an experience of healing that was not just relieving, it was magical. And I love the way my painting turned out! It is a powerful visual reminder to me of releasing the struggle and surrendering to joy."

~ J.S. - Sisters, OR

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