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Focusing on Forward Movement

Updated: Dec 7, 2020

I learned something in my own journey recently. It's about focusing on what's different, those small changes, the seemingly insignificant ones, that take place beneath the surface, but which are actually so important when we are seeking to move energy towards a specific outcome .

You see, I realized I always tell my clients after an energy healing session with me, to pay attention to the small changes that take place, and not to go back looking at what they felt prior to the session. Focusing on the changes, however small, will keep the energy flowing in a positive, forward momentum.

A big breakthrough came for me when I realized that I could make this same connection with so many other areas of my life - my finances, my accomplishments, or relationships for example. "Wow!" The light bulb came on!

I turned around and looked at my life from this new perspective, at the changes that have taken place, however small, and I saw just how far I actually have come. I realized that so often I really don't give myself credit or put my focus on these positive changes at all, because I tend to focus instead on how far away I am from my current goal which, of course, is constantly changing and moving forward with me.

It’s like the proverbial carrot that is always hanging out there in front of you, drawing you forward. I can always feel the distance between where I am now and what I want to accomplish. But now I recognize that it is far more powerful to be looking for those shifts, small and large that are the indicators that change is taking place.

Being grateful for what is and having complete trust that all is in the correct flow, moving and shifting as each piece falls into its perfect place - this requires a shift in my thinking, but what a difference! I can see even more clearly now the energy behind Gratitude, because the focus is on what “is” in total appreciation, and the rest is surrendered with complete and total Trust.

With Gratitude and Many Blessings,

Patricia Kirk


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