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Blackfoot River Winter

Blackfoot River Winter

Oil & Wax on Panel   (Palette Knife) 

 24 x 34   

Custom Framed - Dark Wood With Oatmeal Colored Canvas Liner


This painting is of a winter scene on the Blackfoot River outside of Missoula Montana. I used to live along this river and spent many hours in awe of its beauty, and the winter brought a new kind of beauty that was no less special.


A little bit of history connected with the Blackfoot River is that this area was traveled by Meriwether Lewis "of Lewis & Clark", with his party in 1806 as they headed back home. They camped along the river as they headed north and encountered a dangerous meeting with the Blackfoot Indians before eventually turning east to head towards the Missouri River. 


This is also the river that the movie "A River Runs Through It" was written about. It was actually not filmed along the Blackfoot in the movie but this is the river that the story was based on.

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