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From A Higher Perspective

From A Higher Perspective

Oil & Wax on Kromkote Paper

24 x 24

Framed  -  Single Matted with cream colored mat - Pale white washed wooden frame - Glass


This painting is a blending of the figurative nature of New Mexico’s rock formations that I lived and hiked around and through, and the concept that we are often so limited in our perception of things. There are many levels of awareness and each brings its equal level of understanding and clarity. I believe there is a much bigger picture going on most of the time that we, at our level, just don’t understand. This is represented by the rocky canyon that these figures are within. As the figures ascend in height, they see over the wall, their view is expansive, they have clarity and understanding as they have the ability to see beyond the limited view of those below. The tall figures represent our elders, our spiritual guides, those with wisdom that we have not yet attained but who can help show us the way.


NOTE: These oil & wax paintings on paper are fragile and need to be kept flat. It is best to keep them framed or at least supported on or between foam core or matboard. These do very well as long as they are handled properly.

  • Specifications

    Original Oil & Wax on Kromkote Paper 24" x 24" Framed (These oil pieces on paper MUST be kept flat, so framed or kept between foam core) Artist: P. Kirk

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