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Inner Chambers

Inner Chambers

Oil & Wax on Panel  -  Palette Knife - Heavily Textured

31 x 24

Custom Framed


This painting was an intuitive piece that represents the inward process of connecting to the divinity within us. When we get quiet and go within we connect with the Source of our divinity whatever that is for each of us, this is represented by the white ethereal area in the center. The two figures at the bottom represent our female and male aspects coming together, symbolizing balance, cohesion and wholeness. The other figures seen represent our guides, ancestors, or other spiritual beings who aid us in our life.


This series of works which were developed intuitively, are very much about perception because of the many layers of images. The nature of this work lends itself to the viewer bringing to the work their own perceptions of what they see and what it means to them. My descriptions are only my version of what I see. Enjoy the process and let your imagination have some fun.

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