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Meeting of The Minds

Meeting of The Minds

Oil & Wax on Panel  -  Palette Knife - Textured

28 x 24

Framed  -  Simple Light Wood Frame


This was an intuitive piece which was a bit of a surprise and rather humorous upon completion. I saw the green figure and laughed as I said it’s a little green man, a term which we used to use when referring to Aliens. Upon saying that, I realized the significance of it along with the more native looking being as it spoke to me about where we are in present time, where we are presented information from the distant past as well as information coming from the stars beyond. The boat and water represent the journey of exploration and understanding of where we come from and where we are headed.


This series of works which were developed intuitively, are very much about perception because of the many layers of images. The nature of this work lends itself to the viewer bringing to the work their own perceptions of what they see and what it means to them. My descriptions are only my version of what I see. Enjoy the process and let your imagination have some fun.

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