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Passion Reborn

Passion Reborn

Oil & Wax on Kromkote Paper

38 x 24

Framed: Mat, plexi, thin maple frame


This painting reflected the stage of development I was going through as I broke through my limitations as a painter. Up until this stage my art was very controlled and thought out. . . color within the lines sort of mentality. I had desperately wanted to go deeper into who I was as a painter, beyond these limitations and I was finally realizing that in my work. I truly felt that after probably 18 years of painting I finally felt like a painter and not just a technician. Passion was reborn.


This series of works which were developed intuitively, are very much about perception because of the many layers of images. The nature of this work lends itself to the viewer bringing to the work their own perceptions of what they see and what it means to them. My descriptions are only my version of what I see. Enjoy the process and let your imagination have some fun.


NOTE: These oil & wax paintings on paper are fragile and need to be kept flat. It is best to keep them framed or at least supported on or between foam core or matboard. These do very well as long as they are handled properly.

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