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Quiet Moments

Quiet Moments

Oil & Wax On Canvas
40" x 30"
Custom Framed - Deep set black wooden frame with an oatmeal colored canvas liner.


This painting is a quiet scene is from a day spent in Itasca State Park in Minnesota. My husband was stationed in Fargo, North Dakota for 4 years so we had the opportunity to explore a region of the country we were both unfamiliar with. Once we arrived in Fargo which was very foreign to us since we were much more familiar with the western mountainous regions, we began to search out the multitude of lakes in Minnesota.  Since we were just over the border from Minnesota, we sought out areas that were an easy drive for a day by the water. Itasca State Park was about the furthest we drove but was a park we visited several times during our stay there as it was quite large and had quite a few lakes within the park. We found a trail that wound around 3 or 4 lakes which we chose so we would spend more time by the water. On this particular day it was kind of overcast and on the verge of raining, which it eventually did rather lightly as we sat at this spot for our lunch break. It was very light, more of a light sprinkle and the mood was quite peaceful and rather meditative with the soft grey tones and the muted colors all around. I grabbed my camera and captured some shots of the wonderful soft light and  the quiet calm feeling of the moment.

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