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Shadow Dance

Shadow Dance

Oil & Wax on Canvas  -  Palette Knife - Textured 

20 x 16



This painting came through intuitively and was reflective of my emotions at the time which were dealing with underlying struggles that I’d been working with for far too long. Most folks who are into Spiritual growth, understand the analogy of peeling the layers of the onion, i.e., just when you think you’ve overcome some issue you realize it was merely one more layer. So we discover that it’s a process of determination and layer by layer we get closer down into the core. That process can totally feel like a chaotic dance with your own shadow self.


This series of works which were developed intuitively, are very much about perception because of the many layers of images. The nature of this work lends itself to the viewer bringing to the work their own perceptions of what they see and what it means to them. My descriptions are only my version of what I see. Enjoy the process and let your imagination have some fun.


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