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Central Oregon Art Series

These paintings are from around central Oregon, the beautiful and amazing area that I live. The landscape here is so diverse and has much to inspire any artist and for me it is beyond wonderful with all of the variety to choose from. This is a very volcanic area with much history and as a result we have deep canyons with a myriad of rock formations.

The colors vary along with the textures and depending on the time of day and the quality of light you may see reds and peachy salmon colors to subtle ochres or deep grays, and at times when the shadows fall across the rock you will see deep blues and purples. We are blessed with clear sparkling rivers, immense reservoirs, lakes, and amazing waterfalls as well as a portion of the Cascade Mountain range with quite a variety of peaks to climb or explore.

Within a short distance you can go from the high mountain desert with sagebrush and Juniper trees to deep forests, some of which hold huge ancient old growth timber that is beyond amazing.


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