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April Updates from Art & Spirit Mingle

Hi Everyone I wanted to give you an update about my new website name since some of you may not have heard. My new website is now

I worked with a wonderful designer last fall re-doing the whole thing and am very excited about the new look.

So I needed to communication with all of you and get you up to date with the new work and some shows that will be coming this summer. That brings me to the above recent painting, so far I've titled it Lavender & Wine (we'll see if it remains), it's a piece from a few photos I took last year out at Faith Hope & Charity Vineyards while at our Fall Art Show. It was held in October and I know I was wondering how the weather would be but the Gods shone down on us with almost a perfect day. Other than some wind in the afternoon that was a bit of a challenge at times, the day was sunny, about 70 degrees and absolutely gorgeous. What an amazingly perfect spot for an outdoor art show! We had a good crowd milling around with wine in hand, children or dogs in tow. It was awesome because there were folks there for other events as well, besides those coming for the art. It went so well that this summer Faith Hope & Charity will be hosting 4 art shows, June thru September. Check their schedule for updates but they are scheduled right now for the middle of each month; June 13, July 11, August 15, and September 12.

I think this year we'll have a lot more booths so tons of beautiful arts and crafts to enjoy. I'm preparing new work now to be available, as well as many you may have seen before, though several were sold last year which is always so exciting. It is such an honor to see my paintings find new homes.

Here's a new one I'll share. This is a compilation of a few shots taken at one of Oregon's magnificent waterfalls. We are incredibly lucky here to have so many waterfalls to see and be inspired by. I have a feeling more will be painted in the future.

Here's another new one from Smith Rock, it's basically a larger version of a painting I did a few years ago that was quite small.

This new piece is one that I began quite a long time ago and hadn't finished so it's been patiently waiting for me to get back to it. I'm so happy to finally have accomplished that. It's two panels, which is referred to as a diptych. Framing will be interesting on this one. Over the years I have painted several Iris paintings but this was by far the most complicated and challenging, hence the reason for setting it aside for awhile. . .a long while.

I have a more pieces I'm working on, a couple water paintings and I'm about to set-up outside for some plein air painting. I've been gathering supplies and appropriate gear so now I'm almost ready to get out there and challenge myself in a new way, which is always fun and I'm sure will bring positive changes to my future work. So keep a look out as I continue on this creative journey.

So please check out my new website as there's much to see and I'll be adding new pieces along the way. Hope that if you are here or in the area this summer that I may see you at one of the shows, if nothing else it's a beautiful spot to spend some time.

Thank you one and all,

Patricia Kirk


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