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Stepping Out

Hello everyone and welcome to my new updated website "Art and Spirit Mingle". I'm stepping out in a new form, a lot more content, and with many fun things to share with you as time goes on. I'm excited I'll be stretching the boundaries of my comfort level with videos, online classes, more blogs, and who knows what, I guess you'll have to keep coming back to see what I've conjured up for you in the days to come. In case you're wondering about my business name, I have to say it is actually very descriptive of who I am. Since way back when, (and mean lots of years), I have been both an artist and a spiritual enthusiast. My degree is in art as a fine art painter with studies also in commercial art, I have trained in the healing arts and am certified in many energy healing modalities. I also began an interest in the Tarot some 40 years ago but finally really got interested in studying it about 25 years ago. Though these may seem unrelated, they are actually very related as they are all very creative, intuitive, healing, and definitely spirit-filled. Though I offer traditional painting, I love being able to combine these more alternative practices in helping those who are interested in going deeper within themselves whether that's healing something that only an alternative approach can access or maybe it's needing direction or clarity on something that an outside perspective can give you. I have taught classes where I combine inner exploration with an art piece to take away to have as a vision statement. These various approaches can be singular or mixed and blended to the needs of my clients and customers. I am very excited to offer my gifts and talents to you in the way it suits you best and serves to bring joy to you on all levels. Thank you for sharing your time with me.

With much gratitude,

Patricia Kirk


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