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June Update From Art & Spirit Mingle

June is finally here and summer is on the way. I'm busy getting new paintings framed and ready for the show next weekend, Sunday the 13th, at Faith Hope & Charity Vineyard from 12:00 to 4:00. This new oil painting is from some shots I took last August down along the Deschutes River. I hiked down to the river early one morning and was blessed by the dazzling morning light that was reflecting these brilliant peach tones of the canyon wall down over the water. Stunned and awestruck I shot as many photos as I could before the light changed. This new oil painting which is part of my water series is on a 20" x 23.75" board and the custom frame I chose has a copper tone that really sets off this painting.

I'll have several new pieces for this show as well as some you may have seen before so come on out and enjoy the afternoon out at Faith Hope & Charity Vineyard, it's such a lovely way to spend a Sunday.

Along with getting new pieces ready for the show, I have begun my attempts at learning Plein Air Painting, which is painting on location. So far I've only painted a few pieces, two paintings of our beautiful central Oregon from Crooked River Ranch capturing the Three Sisters, part of the Cascade mountain range, and from Black Butte Ranch over by Sisters, Oregon. My day out at Black Butte was cold and cloudy but what a fun challenge for a newbie like me. I'm heading over again this coming week so hopefully I'll have some success and better weather. So far I have only painted these few pieces but I am enjoying the challenge and meeting other artists which is awesome. I have many spots near me calling my name which is awesome to have such spectacular scenery here close by. In fact, we are blessed here in Oregon to have such diverse landscape to choose from so there is a ton of locations to explore and paint. So with luck and a bit of creative success, I hope by the July show to have a few of these to present.

Hope to see you this summer at at least one of these shows, again the art show dates out at Faith Hope & Charity are June 13th, July 11th, August 15th, and September 12th.

Thanks everyone for tuning in and I look forward to seeing you all at some point.

Enjoy your day!

Patricia Kirk


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